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Following are our current cases and investivations.

Hernia Mesh Class Action

Mass Tort Attorney
Several hernia mesh products have been recalled by the FDA. The removal of the recalled mesh products is often difficult for patients requiring a recovery period often longer than that required from the initial hernia surgery.

IVC Filter Blood Clot Lawsuits

Mass Tort Attorney
Representing patients injured by a medical device intended only for temporary use but was left permanently in patients, exposing them to a variety of ailments including blood clots, hemorrhages and heart attacks.

Energy Company Consumer Fraud

Mass Tort Attorney
We seek to represent customers who were overcharged for their electricity usage by being placed on variable rate plans based on false and deceptive promises of cost savings.

Airline Price Fixing Class Action

Mass Tort Attorney
The major U.S. airlines have been accused of acting as a price-fixing cartel in violation of both federal and state antitrust laws.

Dental Supplies Antitrust Lawsuit

Mass Tort Attorney
The suit alleges that the defendants, who collectively control close to 90 percent of the dental supplies and equipment distribution market, conspired to restrain trade and fix prices at anticompetitive levels, in violation of the Sherman Act.

Generic Drug Pricing Class Action

Mass Tort Attorney
Edelson & Associates, LLC has filed 12 price fixing cases against some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for unlawfully raising prices of dozens of key generic drugs sold in the United States.

German Automobile Class Action

Mass Tort Attorney
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, and related entities and co-conspirators, alleging that these German vehicle manufacturers engaged in anticompetitive conduct that violates both federal and state antitrust laws and consumer protection statutes.

Platinum & Palladium Antitrust Litigation

Mass Tort Attorney
This is a class action against the major platinum and palladium dealers Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Standard Bank, and BASF, for manipulation of key benchmarks used to price platinum and palladium, known as the "Platinum and Palladium Fixings."

LuLaRoe Class Action Lawsuit

Mass Tort Attorney
Class action on behalf of all persons who were LuLaRoe Consultants from 2013 to the present who were required to purchase inventory from the company but were unable to return it.

Savage Arms Exploding Rifle Lawsuit

Mass Tort Attorney
Investigating claims that purchasers of the Savage Arms ML-II muzzleloader rifle have experienced problems with their rifles, namely that the barrels have exploded, burst, split or cracked.

MetLife Unpaid Pensions

Mass Tort Attorney
MetLife, Inc. disclosed that it has failed to pay monthly pension benefits to possibly tens of thousands of workers in accounts that MetLife, Inc. manages for employers pursuant to its pension risk transfer business.

Promotional Products Price Fixing

Mass Tort Attorney
Antitrust litigation has arisen out of an investigation into a conspiracy to fix prices for customized silicone wristbands, customized lanyards, and customized pin buttons.

Student Loan Mismanagement by PHEAA

Mass Tort Attorney
Since 2009, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) has allegedly delayed or failed to process applications under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education grant program.

Merck Bundled Vaccine Discounts

Mass Tort Attorney
Merck allegedly gives customers for pediatric vaccines a discount if they purchase a bundle of vaccines. However the requirement that the vaccines be purchased in a bundle eliminates competition and ultimately results in the price of the vaccines to be artificially high.

Mexican Bonds Price Fixing

Mass Tort Attorney
Mexico’s securities regulator is conducting an investigation into collusion among various market makers of Mexican government bonds.It is alleged that Defendants conspired to fix the prices of Mexican Bonds from January 1, 2006 until April 19, 2017.

Boston Gas Explosions

Boston Gas Explosions Class Action
Edelson & Associates is looking to speak with victims of the Boston area gas explosions that occured on Sept. 13, 2018.

Interior Door Price Fixing

Interior Door Price Fixing Class Action
Edelson & Associates is investigating whether Masonite Corporation and Jeld-Wen, Inc. conspired to fix the prices for interior molded doors from at least October 24, 2012 through the present.

Defective 3M Combat Ear Plugs

Interior Door Price Fixing Class Action
Our attorneys are investigating claims related to 3M Combat Arms earplugs and the subsequent hearing loss and tinnitus reported by service members.

Fannie & Freddie Bond Price Fixing Investigation

Interior Door Price Fixing Class Action
Edelson & Associates, LLC is investigating whether Bank of America, JP Morgan and numerous other banks conspired to manipulate the price of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unsecured bonds.

Airbag Safety Defect Investigation

Airbag Safety Defect Class Action
Edelson & Associates, LLC is investigating Hyundai Motor America, Kia Motor America and ZF-TRW Automotive Holding Corp. over defective airbags that fail to operate during crashes due to electrical overstress.

Viega Pipe Press Fittings Antitrust Class Action

Interior Door Price Fixing Class Action
Edelson & Associates, LLC is investigating whether Viega LLC engaged in anticompetitive conduct in the markets for copper press fittings and carbon steel press fittings.

Standard Chartered PLC Investor Alert

Interior Door Price Fixing Class Action
Edelson & Associates, LLC is investigating potential violations of securities laws by Standard Chartered PLC (ticker symbol STAN.L) ("Standard" or "Bank") regarding alleged violations by the Bank in pursuing Iranian business in violation of U.S. sanctions.