LuLaRoe Class Action Lawsuit
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LuLaRoe Class Action Lawsuit

Edelson & Associates, LLC along with co-counsel has filed a class action complaint in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on behalf of all persons who were LuLaRoe Consultants from 2013 to the present who were required to purchase inventory from the company but were unable to return it. The named plaintiff invested over $20,000.00 on supplies and product inventory but since the inventory was largely determined by the Company, she was left with a significant amount of inventory that she was unable to sell to customers. Despite representations and promises from the company that they would accept the return of any unwanted inventory and make a full refund without cost or expense to the consultant, no refunds were made. As such, the named plaintiff has losses in the thousands of dollars. It is believed that the same conduct affected tens of thousands of other consultants.

If you were a consultant with LuLaRoe, LLC and have experienced a loss due to the company's practices and would like to discuss the matter, please complete the form below or call 215-867-2399.

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