Savage Arms Exploding Muzzleloader Rifle Class Action Lawsuit
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Savage Arms Exploding Rifles

Edelson & Associates, LLC is investigating claims that purchasers of the Savage Arms ML-II muzzleloader rifle have experienced problems with their rifles, namely that the barrels have exploded, burst, split or cracked. As a result, numerous users may have suffered physical injuries. All owners may be at risk of a defect manifesting itself which could cause harm. Purchasers of the rifle may be entitled to compensation for their physical injuries as well as for the cost of the rifle itself.

If you have purchased a muzzleloader from Savage Arms, whether or not you have experienced a problem with your rifle and would like to discuss your legal options, please complete the form below or contact our office directly at 215-867-2399 for a free, no obligation case analysis.

Exploding Rifle Class Action Lawsuit