Universal Life Insurance "Cost of Insurance" Investigation
Edelson Lechtzin LLC

Universal Life Insurance "Cost of Insurance" Investigation


Edelson Lechtzin LLP attorneys are investigating whether various life insurance companies have deceived policy holders of universal life insurance policies. Universal life insurance policies are structured with a guaranteed interest rate. However, with interest rates at historically low averages, insurance companies are having difficulty paying their policy holders their contractually obligated interest rate and are compensating by unfairly raising premiums and other fees to counter their losses incurred because of the interest rate spread.

The increased amounts being charged to policy holders are material and cannot be explained by actuarial charts or other unforeseen expenses. Rather, it is an attempt, which may be fraudulent, by the insurance companies to change their contractual obligations to their policyholders.

Some of the companies that may be engaging in the above fraudulent activity are the following:

  • Accordia
  • Aegon USA
  • Allianz
  • Allstate
  • AXA
  • Equitable Life Insurance Company
  • Jefferson Pilot
  • Lincoln
  • Minnesota Life/Securian
  • Nacolah Life
  • National Life Group
  • Nationwide
  • Old Mutual Financial
  • Pacific Life
  • Penn Mutual
  • State Farm
  • Southland Life Insurance Company
  • Voya Financial

If you are a universal life insurance policy holder with one of the above companies or another and believe that the company is not honoring its contractual obligations, please contact us at 215-867-2399 or complete the form below.

Univeral Life Insurance Investigation


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